Murud Beach

Made famous by the formidable seafort - Murud Janjira, Murud is one of the cleanest beaches near Alibaug. A fair distance away from alibaug, Murud has a beautiful expanse of sandy beach. Murud is a very popular weekend destination and pick of all the destinations to the north of Rajapuri creek.

Murud beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Alibaug region. With a vast expanse of soft sandy beach with the Murud Janjira silhouting the horizon Murud paints a pretty picture and is a great weekend destination. A temple dedicated to Dattatreya is located atop a hillock in Murud. Though Murud is comparetivly much farther away than other Alibaug beaches the longer travel time is definitely worth the effort.

Murud Beach
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Murud Beach

The main Murud beach is located just as one enters the small town of Murud on the right hand side. The beach extends all along the town till the end of the chowpatty. Water sports is organised on the Murud beach and is also very popular. The fort that is visible from the Murud beach is Kasa fort established to attack Murud Janjira.

Rajapuri is located about 3 kms from Murud beach across the hillock. The Rajapuri jetty is about 10 minutes drive from the Murud beach.

Few forts in Maharashtra have a history as exciting as Murud-Janjira. The fort belonged to a dynasty of Siddhis who are believed to have their origins in Abyssinia, in far North Africa. At a distance of 150 Kms Murud-Janjira now serves as an ideal weekend getaway. Murud Janjira can be visited all year round.