Aaravi Beach

Sequestered between the popular beaches of Diveagar and Shrivardhan, Aravi is a little cove. A secluded beach on the 'sagari marg' connecting the two beach towns Aaravi is slowly starting to capitalise on its tourism potential.

Aaravi has a beautiful beach stretching for a few hundred meters between two rocky hillocks with a soft sandy beach with a rocky stretch at the ends. Aaravi beach surprisingly has a thicker layer of white sand covering the black sand beach lying underneath. The fine white sand beach of Aaravi extends between the two hillocks and the secluded stretch paints a romantic picture. The sunset point atop the hillock towards Shekhadi offers splenidid views of the setting sun over the horizon. Being a secluded cove Aaravi is also a good place to spot the friendly dolphins which comes very close to the shore

Aaravi Beach
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Aaravi Beach

Aaravi is located miway between Shrivardhan and Diveagar towards Diveagar. A small stretch of beach one is bound to stop here at Aravi to savour the view even if you dont plan on visiting Aaravi beach.

Two trees by the road at Aaravi is really rhe landmark of Aaravi in a way